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About Us


Caribbean Coaching is an award winning sports development organisation dedicated to the development of grassroots and national sports in St Lucia and St Vincent.


Caribbean Coaching was founded in 2012 by Joe Page and Joel Martin following a three month rugby coaching and development project in 2011. Following the huge success of this project, which saw the national rugby teams recorded their best results to date and the first ever youth rugby tournament on the island, Caribbean Coaching was established to continue this progress and help even more people by brining over UK volunteers.


Initally Caribbean Coaching worked solely with the St Lucian RFU to help develop and promote rugby across the island. But as the success of the work grew then we were contacted by other national sports organistions, schools or communities to help them with other sports. In 2013 we began to help with football and netball coaching projects. These were so successful that in the following year we began to help develop cricket, and in 2015 expanded further to help tennis and also physiotherapy. During the last four years we have worked with thousands of children and adults across St Lucia, and hope to help even more in the future with your help.


Mission Statement


To create opportunities for people to explore the Caribbean through sport. By combining high performance training with sports development coaching; our programmes allows participants to have a fulfilling and worthwhile experience while adding an entry to their CV’s; unrivalled in the sports industry.


Through our coaches we aim to equip the most impoverished of St. Lucia’s youth with the means to play sports through our donation appeal and coaching sessions. Thereby improving the standard of sport on the island and taking National teams to the next stage of their development.


Our partnership with local and national sports teams allows participants to integrate quickly into St. Lucian lifestyle and culture, it is an active group; often creating numerous social activities to get involved in.   

St Luica's first ever youth rugby tournament Caribbean Coaching helping St Lucia in the summer QEH Kit collection Caribbean Coaching being interviewed on St Lucian Caribbean Coaching with the St Lucia rugby team