St Lucia

Football in St Lucia

Football is by far the most popular sport in the region with the highest participation levels, which makes it the perfect vehicle to tackle key social issues effecting the region's youth.

In recent times, Saint Lucian Football has been making their presence felt in the international arena. The national team has shown excellent performance against the other Caribbean countries. It has shown better performance in the recent years against other international teams. Both women's and men's national teams have participated in the qualifying round of the World Cup Football. For instance, the women's team made a significant attempt to qualify for the 2003 women's world Cup and men's team participated in 2006 Men's World Cup qualification tournament.

This placement is for anyone who loves ‘the beautiful game’ and would like to play or coach in a culture alien to anywhere else in the world. Your work with children will be done in schools, teaching technical skills and fundamentals of the game through Futsal with an emphasis on fun. Meanwhile, you will be running sessions for an adult team as coaching staff but also have the option to play, if desired. Further work will include supporting FIFA Grassroots project sessions and coaching.

Another side to our work is the training of local coaches, we have recently supported the formation of three new youth groups across the island, and you will aid the development of their current coaches while working within these groups.

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Accommodation, airport transfers, 24 hour assistance, coaching placements, pre departure support, transport to and from training sessions, coaching shirt and breakfast.

Not Included: 

Flights, Visa, additional food, Excursions.


The shorest project option we have is a two week placement. We would recomend you stay for longer to give yourself a chance to explore the island and make a meaningful impact on your sport. Below we have our start dates and the duration options. We work in two week increments.

Start dates 2020

7th Feb - 2 weeks to 30 weeks

21st Feb - 2 weeks to 28 weeks

6th Mar - 2 weeks to 26 weeks

20th Mar - 2 weeks to 24 weeks

3rd Apr - 2 weeks to 22 weeks

17th Apr - 2 weeks to 20 weeks

1st May - 2 weeks to 18 weeks

15th May - 2 weeks to 16 weeks

29th May - 2 weeks to 14 weeks

12th Jun - 2 weeks to 12 weeks

26th Jun - 2 weeks to 10 weeks

10th Jul - 2 weeks to 8 weeks

24th Jul - 2 weeks to 6 weeks

7th Aug - 2 weeks to 4 weeks

21st Aug - 2 weeks