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The whole point of taking a gap year is to explore somewhere new and exciting! The Caribbean is one of the most gorgeous areas of the world! It has stunning white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue seas and a host of activities and trips to try. From swimming with turtles or trying to spot dolphins, to mad baths, beach parties and rum tours there is something for everyone. We will use our local knowledge and connections to help organise trips for you during your placements. (not included in your tour cost).

4. Morne Coubaril Estate zip-lining 

This is the newest of several zip-lining options on St Lucia. Harnessed to cables you whiz between platforms high up in trees on an old plantation estate. If you're able to keep your eyes open, the views of Soufrière and the mountains are impressive.


5. Boat cruises

We can help arrange boat cruises and parties during your stay on the island. These are always a great day out with stops to swim, as well as plenty of food, music and rum!


6. Climb the Pitons

The Pitons are one of St Lucia's most famous land marks (and the name of the islands best local beer). They are two mountains located to the south of the island, and offer breath taking views from their summit.




St. Lucia offers an amazing nightlife unlike any experience you will find in the UK. The Gros Islet Jump Up is a ‘must’ every Friday night; the fishing village of Gros Islet hosts huge street party. This is the perfect chance for tourists to mix with the locals. Local drink are sold and consumed in there plentifully, stalls sell barbecued fish and chicken. Giant loudspeakers belt out Caribbean beats, and crowds gather to watch local exhibitionists strut their stuff long into the night.


The majority of clubs and bars are located on the ‘Rodney bay strip’ where beers start at £1 and there’s always something going on.

There are a vast number of tourist orientated activities in St Lucia and we are happy to arrange for you to go on them. Below is an example of some of the excursions available to you.


1.Rain Forest Adventures Aerial Tram

Eight-seater gondolas glide up and down a mountainside over the rainforest canopy, past giant ficus trees, dazzling heliconias and hummingbirds. Far below, a river gushes through a ravine, there are distant sea views, and you're accompanied by an informative guide. If the ride sounds too sedate, you can also go zip-lining down the mountainside.


2. Sulphur Springs

Located near the beautiful old town of Soufrière the sulphur springs are formed by a stream running through an active volcano. The heat from the volcano heats up the water while the sulphur turns the water black. If local legend is to be believed if someone baths in the water they will live forever!


3. Rum Tours

The Caribbean is famous for many things such as its incredible beaches, laid back culture, and of course rum! You haven't tried rum until you have tried real Caribbean rum. Take a tour of the many factory on the island. A tour of the distillery and informational video are followed by an 'all you can taste' rum session. You are free to try all of the rums that they produce (over 20) as many times are you like.

Excursions in St Lucia

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Excursions in St Vincent

St Vincent and the Grenadines offers you a slightly different experience, as it is less tourism. The island is famed for its stunning beaches, numerous islands and amazing snorkeling and diving. As with St Lucia, we are happy to help arrange trips and excursions, and due to our local contacts and the nature of our work we are often able to secure reduced rates.


1. Climb La Soufriere

La Soufriere is an active volcano that you can climb to the top of (it is 4000 ft high) for some unbelievable views of St Vincent and its's surrounding islands. The trail to the top is awash with a wide diversity of plants and birdlife.


2. Owia Salt Pond

The Owia Salt Pond is a unique and beautiful ocean fed bathing pool, located at the northern tip of St Vincent. Volcanic rock formations surround the pool and reef fish and coral formations add colour and life to the pool.


3. Tobago Cays Marine Park

The Tobago Cays are made up of 5 uninhabited islands that form lagoons full of green turtles, coral reefs and colourful fish. This is a wonderful place to go diving or relax on one of the idyllic beaches. The Cays were a film location for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays Pirate cruise in St Vincent - What are you doing on your gap year? Explore the beautiful island of St Vincent

4. Whale and dolphin watching

The seas around St Vincent and the grenadines are home to  7 species of whales and 11 species of dolphin! Take a scenic coastal cruise and try to spot them. The most common are the playful pan tropical dolphins and spinner dolphins.


5. Catarman trips and parties

We can help arrange boat cruises and parties during yout stay on the island. These are always a great day out with stops to swim, as well as plenty of food, music and rum!


6. Waterfalls

Throughout St Vincent there are a number of waterfalls to discover. You can walk or hike to a number of the magnificent waterfalls and beautiful river pools, where you are able to go swimming and relaxing against an awe-inspiring backdrop of nature. Some of the most popular are the Falls of Baleine and Trinty Falls.


7. Rum Tour

This rum tour sees you move around the island exploring the distillery and a number of local 'rum shacks'. You will try lots of different rums, and get a real authentic insight into Caribbean rum.



The nightlife in St Vincent is more low key then its St Lucian counterpart. Because the island doesn't have the same level of tourism there are fewer larger bars and clubs. But there is a good social scene on the island, with numerous bars, beach parties and social events thrown by your sport teams. We will also organise regular social nights out.


You can find out more about St Vincent here.

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