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Activity Spotlight - The Sulphur Springs (St Lucia)

By caribbeancoaching, Aug 14 2018 12:03PM

The Springs are located about two miles from Soufriere, on St. Lucia’s West Coast. The spring was formed when a hole was created in the crust of the volcano (don't worry it hasn't erupted in over 200 years!!). The water coming out of the spring is blackened by a chemical reaction between the high content of sulphur and iron.

We would recommend you wear a dark-coloured swimsuit for this excursion due to the dark water and volcanic mud! The spring consists of several concreate pools, whose dark coloured water has come straight from the volcano. The water is around 95 degrees but is surprisingly relaxing!

After a short bathe you can cover yourself in volcano mud that has been collected from the streams. Once covered, you allow yourself to dry off (and pose for a few photos) before another bath! There are different rumours and claims about the effect of the mud and the bath, some that you will look 12 years younger!

Due to the work of our volunteers and projects anyone who is with Caribbean Coaching is offered the local rate, significantly cheaper then what tourists pay. The springs are just one of the many fantastic trips you can do while volunteering with us. If you want to have a look at some of tour picks visit our free time page.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering then click here.

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