St Lucia

Program Description

St. Lucia is an island surrounded by incredible sandy beaches and clear blue seas, however many of its inhabitants can not swim and drownings among children are not uncommon. There is a particular need for swim lessons within the island’s poorest communities. During your placement will teach beginner and intermediate swim lessons to children aged between 7 and 14 using our tried and tested methods within pools and beaches.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference, potentially even saving lives, while testing your abilities as a coach. How many people do you know who teach children to swim in the Caribbean sea?

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the placement is to teach as many St. Lucian children as possible to swim then develop their technique to improve abilities. Our aim is that this will be achieved by you delivering regular swim lesson to children, teaching various strokes, techniques and survival skills. There are few public swimming pools in St Lucia, and these all charge high fees for children to use. Our project offers children from the most disadvantaged communities free transportation to the beach so they can take part in our swimming lessons.

Program participant criteria

To volunteer as a coach you must be a minimum of 18 years old. There is no maximum age and we welcome everyone who is passionate to help. But our volunteers do tend on average to be aged 18 to 25. No coaching qualifications are required, just a desire to help others. Obviously a background in swimming is helpful (and recommended).

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Additional Information


Accommodation, airport transfers, 24 hour assistance, coaching placements, pre departure support, transport to and from training sessions, coaching shirt and breakfast.

Not Included: 

Flights, Visa, additional food, Excursions.


The shorest project option we have is a two week placement. We would recomend you stay for longer to give yourself a chance to explore the island and make a meaningful impact on your sport. Below we have our start dates and the duration options. We work in two week increments.

Start dates 2020

7th Feb - 2 weeks to 30 weeks

21st Feb - 2 weeks to 28 weeks

6th Mar - 2 weeks to 26 weeks

20th Mar - 2 weeks to 24 weeks

3rd Apr - 2 weeks to 22 weeks

17th Apr - 2 weeks to 20 weeks

1st May - 2 weeks to 18 weeks

15th May - 2 weeks to 16 weeks

29th May - 2 weeks to 14 weeks

12th Jun - 2 weeks to 12 weeks

26th Jun - 2 weeks to 10 weeks

10th Jul - 2 weeks to 8 weeks

24th Jul - 2 weeks to 6 weeks

7th Aug - 2 weeks to 4 weeks

21st Aug - 2 weeks