“I decided to get a gap year last minuet and it was the best decision of my life! I loved the mix of coaching, one day working with children the next with the National team. My highlight was the youth tournament at the end of November when I could see all our hard work pay off and the enjoyment the children got through playing! The social side was brilliant too, I went to the Sulphur Springs and enjoyed a sunset cruise. Really a once in a life time experience!”

- Becky Hughes, Rugby Coach

“Coaching in St Lucia was a life changing experience. I hadn’t had much rugby experience, let alone coaching it, but the Caribbean Coaching team really helped me to develop as a coach and by the end of the month I was running sessions by myself. Working with the children in the local youth groups was incredible, they were so grateful and we had a brilliant laugh at training with them. I also had the opportunity to play for the National Youth Development team, and even scored a try for them against the National St Lucia team something I’ll never forget! The island is beautiful, and there is nothing like spending your days off on the beach, or in the beach bar!”

- Michael Huntbach, Rugby Coach

"Would definitely recommend this to all the sports fanatics out there! Range of sports on offer, I did cricket and got the chance to work in some of the best facilities in the country! The in country team were extremely welcoming and a good laugh! Definately going again next year"

- Manish Patel, Cricket Coach

"Coaching netball was a great experience. I had the opportunity to coach the national U13s team, which was amazing. Being able to see them grow and working on different skills with them. I was also working with a different clubs at a range of levels, which was a good challenge adapting my sessions to suit each group. If you are looking for the opportunity to develop as a coach and work with a range of abilities then this is a fantastic experience. I also loved everything outside of the coaching, going to the waterfalls, climbing the Pitons, the sulphur springs, St Lucia is such an amazing island and there is so much to do."

- Sarah Ann, Netball Coach

"I was in St Lucia for eight weeks coaching tennis. I worked in schools and at the national tennis centre, working with beginners to intermediate players. Our coaching would look at developing their skills and shots, and I had the opportunity to prepare some of the kids for matches and the Coca Cola tournament. In my free time I climbed the Pitons, went to Marigot Bay and the hot springs. It was an all round great experience, with lovely people and weather, and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

- Chris Bigwood, Tennis Coach

"My trip was an extremely enjoyable and memorable one. Joel and Joe did an excellent job at organising groups for us to coach, and even better at organising social nights out. I would not hesitate in recommending this opportunity to anyone of my rugby friends. Any problems I had Joel and Joe easily sorted out which made me feel safe in an unfamiliar country. It was a rugby experience of a life time, coupled with an excellent cultural experience of the Caribbean"

- Callum Hull, Rugby Coaching

"I was lucky enought to do the cricket coaching project this summer. I loved every minute of it, coaching at clubs and national levels, even coaching at the national stadium, summer camps and youth development programs. It's been so rewarding. St Lucia is a great country to come to. I've climbed the pitons, a volcano and went to the mud baths. Te team were brilliant and made sure we saw the best of St Lucia. I would highly recommend the program, its such a rewarding expereince."

- Laurie Stevens, Cricket Coaching

"The July Caribbean Coaching tour was definitely one of the most amazing experiences I've had. The chance to play and coach rugby in St. Lucia is one that I'm so glad I took up - giving me opportunities to work with both children in local schools and the national team. The whole tour was organised brilliantly and both Joel and Joe know the island very well and always helped find great things to get involved in."

-Henry Snow, Rugby Coach

“Caribbean Coaching’s help in developing rugby in St Lucia has been invaluable! They have helped us to spread the game of rugby into local communities all over the island, working with children and adults alike. Their coaches have been fantastic and we have seen some brilliant results with them aiding in our training both on and off the field. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them”

- Colvis Samuels, President of SLRFU

"SLFA commends Caribbean Coaching work thus far and welcomes any programme that will develop Football in St Lucia.”

- The St. Lucia Football Association

“Over the years, Caribbean Coaching has consistently provided coaching expertise, kit & equipment to help grow the sport of Rugby in the Caribbean and encourage a healthier lifestyle amongst young girls. The effectiveness of their development work with youth at the grassroots level continues to gain momentum. Sacred Sports Foundation is proud to be associated with Caribbean Coaching as discussions move towards forming a partnership agreement that will see us working together in providing excellent programmes for those most vulnerable in our communities”

- Nova Alexander, Executive Director- Sacred Sports Foundation Inc.