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You don’t need to be a qualified coach to volunteer, just passionate about sport, enjoy working with children and a positive attitude.


We look to develop sport at both a national and grassroots level. This offers our volunteers the perfect blend of high end coaching with national sports teams and working with disadvantaged children to improve their lives through sport.


We are currently offering placements in Rugby, Cricket, Football, Netball, Tennis & Physiotherapy. Click on the options below to find out more information about coaching in paradise.


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Rugby coaching in St Lucia - gap year projects

We first started out by coaching rugby in St Lucia so it will always continue to be a special project to us. By volunteering for this project you will have the chance to work with our community groups, schools and even the national rugby teams. Rugby has seen massive growth in the last few years, most recently with the creation of a domestic league.

Coach Rugby in St Lucia

Coaching children rugby in St Vincent (2)

Coach Rugby in St Vincent

Rugby has seen huge growth in St Vincent in recent years, especially after their Rugby World Cup game was televised and refereed by Nigel Owens! The main aim of this project is to help promote and expand rugby across the country by working with school and community groups. You will also have the chance to work and play with the national team during your project.

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Coach Netball in St Lucia

Netball is the most popular sport for girls and women in St Lucia, but it not accessible to all. During your netball placement you will be working with local groups, teams and schools to run sessions and help give more children the chance to play. You can also work with local netball clubs and some of the national development teams in a more tactical and strategic coaching role, looking to improve their skills and game management.

Football coaching projects in the Caribbean

Coach Football in St Lucia

Like in most countries around the world football is the most popular posrt in St Lucia. You will be working in local schools, teams and community groups to run coaching sessions for children and teenagers. You will help plan and run sessions, arrange matches and help to get more children involved. You will also have plenty of time to play too, and there are lots of senior clubs on the island you can coach and play with.

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Coach cricket abroad on your gap year (5) Find out more

Coach Cricket in St Lucia

Coach tennis in the Caribbean this summer (1) Find out more

Coach Tennis in St Lucia

The aim of our tennis coaching projects is to make the sport more accessible and popular on the island. Historically the sport has been played by a very small number of people in St Lucia at one of the few courts. Your sessions will look to be fun, using your environment to create a court and introduce children to the fantastic sport of tennis.

Cricket is more than a sport in the Caribbean! The West Indies are one of the top teams in the world and you can experience the passion first hand as you coach on the island. You sessions will be with a range of groups and ages, from introductory sessions to specific skills coaching. We work with schools, communities and local clubs, as well as some junior and female national sides.

Our coaching placements look to offer you the chance to live and work in paradise, changing lives through sports and making your gap year meaningful and unforgettable!


Our projects are based on the two beautiful Caribbean Islands of St Lucia and St Vincent. Each with offer you a unique experience, with their own amazing sights to explore and enjoy, from hidden waterfalls and deserted beaches to mud baths and zip lining, you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

Rugby coaching in St Vincent  (18) Gap year volunteer programs - coach tennis in the
Volunteer abroad and teach in the Caribbean (2) Find out more

Our teaching placement gives you the chance to teach and build your CV, gain invaluable classroom expereince. The aim of this programme is to support our partner school and the Marchand community by providing extra teaching assistance for underprivileged and vulnerable preschool/reception children.

Teach in St Lucia

teach swimming overseas Find out more

Teach children how to swim on our swim coaching project. Working with children from schools and local communities you will work with them on the basics of swimming, and help them to progress in their confidence and ability. While St Lucia is an island many children, and adults, are unable to swim with confidence, so your work can change, and even possibly save, lives.

Coach Swimming in St Lucia